From Down Under & now living Up Over

I am an Australian intuitive reader, healer, animal communicator, and spiritual practitioner.

There is some apprehension when I tell people who I am and what I do. However, I promise you there is nothing to fear. It all  comes to me from The Divine as love and light.  Oh and perhaps just a generous dollop of smart ass AunTea Laurie and assisted by my sassy but blunt spirit guides.  

A bit Like Lady Gaga, I was born this way! Intuitive. Seeing things others could not and like most sensitive artistic empathetic kids I was taught to hide it, control it, fear it, and fight it.  The only ones who saw I was gifted were animals.  They understood me.

It was not till the passing of someone very dear to me helped me tear own those walls I had created.  What I did not see in my grief was that it was actually a gift and this was the only way to cut out the BS and prepare me to finally accept and devote myself to what I was made for. Sometimes our worlds fall apart just so we can build the one we are destined for.

The Creator handed over a gift of a huge shining ball of love and it was placed in my soul. I was told that it is my life mission to help people feel love again. 

What I see & how

I can help you

Finally I am in line with my life purpose, my connection to our creator, and my spirit guides.

We sometimes can get in our own way.  Oh my, and what if there was someone who could see all of you and tell you what you need? Where is that someone?   Well you are in luck, I see it ALL for you. I see where your talents lie and the gifts you possess. I see the magic in you and when you get to see it too, you can change your stars.

I am here to tell you that there is nothing I see that you don't already sense, see or feel. I read you like a map. I can tell where you have come from, where you are going, why you are who you are. I can see your past, your future and how you can follow that path to live your life without getting in the way of yourself.

I can see what is blocking you and what you need to do take care of it. I am given the gifts to help you make those blocks move out of the way and keep the flow of magic coming to you.

I am shown by my guides the life you are going to lead. You can be prepared for the best. Prevent the worst.  I see the changes you need that will align you to your destiny and how you will manifest what you need to succeed.

Need to take some "you time?"

Do yourself a solid and come chat with your AunTea Laurie.

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